Tekstvak: Newspaper 'De Stem' - February 2003 by Rebecca Nelemans
She stands out, monumentally in one of the largest rooms of the Gothic castle “the Markiezenhof” ; the Kariatide (Caryatid) of Gerhardt Lentink. Compound from tropical timber; the artist loves to surprise the viewers, uprising three meters above the public. Conservator Johanna Jacobs explains; “there are few painters who can live up to the robust art of Gerhardt Lentink. That is why she combined his work with the work of Lia Laimbock. The caryatid was famous for a supporting column, the woman caryatid of Gerhardt Lentink is bearing a complete temple. This way her anatomy becomes a robust rock. And yet her astonishing size and architectural weight; she still remains as graceful as a ballerina. In this double exhibition all statues show a tremendous ability of human anatomy. With the same skill and craft as Michel Angelo or Da Vinci, Lentink produces outstanding body parts. The association with Da Vinci proves itself when statues are combined with architecture towards the human scale, like the Caryatid but more so looking at Lentink his Elegiengel; where the head of a nude male disappears into an Italian fortress. The statue called Die “Stadt der Gedanken”

Tekstvak: stimulates the imaginary. The attention for  Gerhardt Lentink his statues is pulled away by the surrounding huge paintings of Lia Laimbock. Alluring in its coloring beauty they associate with Jugendstill artists like Gustav Klimmt and Jan Toorop. At the same time you find any likeness with Hans Holbein his portraits in a small work like “Tuin” (garden). It shows a little girl carrying a thrush.

Tekstvak: Her sense for detail is almost Dreriaans. Beautiful birds hide within the foliage off trees. Sea-creatures and highly enlarged diatoms fill the painting called “Water the origin of life”, a  one. eighty meters  four year old boy appears or disappears. The paintings of Lia Laimbock show large fields of transparent colors and linear wise drawings; the paintings in acrylics oil and tempera are a combination of alchemy and graphics, on a wall size scale. Representing great themes of life; birth, skies, water, earth, friendship, 
leave taking and perishable ness. The paintings show an imaginary

Tekstvak: Following Old Masters

Tekstvak: Garden

Tekstvak: natural world expressing moonlike landscapes, primeval forests, starry nights full of planets and reflecting life-bringing waters. Some works contain gold leaf or silver. Like the one that shows a little bowl in the centre of a huge canvas. A metaphor Laimbock explains; about genuine affection. Her recent work show a new theme; industrial landscapes worn-out pipelines, tanks, silos and containers with natural elements such as insects animals and humans. Presenting pastels and mixed media Laimbock proves to be a wonderful ever improving colorist.


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